extra Large Pet Treadmill(ET-PS)

Specification Features:
Overall Length 230 cm  
Overall width 68 cm This treadmill is design for big dogs.   It can provide a intentive 
Height 28 cm running exercise training for dogs to help their physical  
Bell length 200 cm condition as top and as good as they shall be.  
Bell width 48 cm  
Incline 29 cm This treadmill is very sturdy and durable.   The side rail can 
Height with Rail 930 cm be adusted easily to fit various size of big dog. 
Packing size 250x72X24 cm  
Motor  4000 Rpm  
1.5 horse power    
Breaker 10 amp (110V)    
7 amp (220V)    
Speed range 0.5 up to 15 KPH  
Controller Reomote and console