Dual Exercise Bike for elderly (双功能健身車)

This is a Active and Passive in one exercise bike.   This machine can help older or handicap people exercise by its active mode as well as helping for more advance passive exercise mode.


1: Accessibility for wheelchair users.
2: Very quite operation.
3: Compact storage size.
4: Accessories are available.
4: Affordable price.
5: Light weight.
6: The Cranks and Handles are interchangable. 


Dimensions  Column 1
Weight 32 kgs
Height 121 cm
Width 50 cm
Length 105 cm
Adjustable positions  6
Hand to foot (Fixed distance) 68 cm
Foot Height 26-31cm
Hand Height 83- 105cm
Crank length 13 cm
Frame Steel
Plastic ABS 
Package Size 136x33x36 cm
Controller Dual Smart Controller
Passive Exercise Mode (Assisted by powered) Column 2
DC Motor  30 W 
Power Supply 110 or 240 V
The lowest Revaluation 5 RPM
The Top Revaluation 50 RPM
Exercise Program Available
Reverse mode  Available
Emergency Brake Button Available
Electronic Brake (Safety function) Available
Monitor  LED Screen 
Distance / Speed/ RPM/ Cal /Time Available
Manual Mode (Resisted by Magnetism)) Column 3
Resistance 6 levels